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Speed Roulette Live

Speed Roulette Live Casino Game Review

Speed Roulette Live Casino Game Review

Yes, this may be an online bingo site, and perhaps the best bingo site to boot, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate great online casino games in other categories. We even stock them! We even go as far as to bring you live dealer casino games, which is what the game we’re taking a closer look at today falls into. Speed Roulette Live takes the famous casino game using a spinning wheel to determine the result, and injects some serious speed into it to bring you more thrills in a shorter space of time.

Speed Roulette Live - galabingo

But first, what are live dealer games? Players started looking for more realistic experiences from their iGaming sessions, so software was developed that could take them via live stream to a real casino floor where real dealers operate games. This isn’t a hard concept to understand, especially as live streaming is now part of daily life. The genius, however, is that you use digital buttons on your screen to select stakes, place bets and chat to the dealer, or other players.

Online casino games definitely took on a whole new dimension with the release of live casino thrills, and Speed Roulette Live is no exception. In all honesty, there is nothing very different to how roulette has always been. There are 36 pockets in the wheel numbered 1 - 36, evenly split into red and black, with a 37th pocket numbered 0 and in the colour green.

How To Play Speed Roulette Live

Speed Roulette Evolution - galabingo

With Speed Roulette Live, you’ll find that the dealer calls bets just like usual, prompting players to select what outcome they want to wager on. The only difference in Speed Roulette Live is that rounds happen much closer together than standard Live Roulette. Evolution Gaming, the casino games developer that created Speed Roulette Live, estimates that the sequence of the dealer calling bets all the way to the ball dropping in a pocket of the wheel happens in 50% of the time as would be considered normal.

All you need to do is decide what wager you want to place - red/black, odds/evens, numbers etc. - select your stake size and let the good wheel roll. All wins will be paid immediately, while all losses see your stake claimed by the dealer.

What To Look Out For

There isn’t anything mind blowing about the play of Speed Roulette Live. It’s just like any other version of roulette, only a much quicker experience. This is obviously great for players wanting the haste of online roulette, but the realistic experience of live roulette.

We also see this game being really popular with players on the go. For example, if you have limited time a standard round of roulette can bring about some serious impatience. Speed Roulette Live will ensure that you get a satisfying experience in the limited time you have.

Play Speed Roulette Live at Gala Bingo

As we’ve mentioned already, don’t come into a round of Speed Roulette Live expecting some seriously unique, unless you’ve never experienced live casino games before - then it will all be very unique. The real selling point is the speed at which the rounds happen, and if you feel the need for speed then you’ll really feel Speed Roulette Live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Speed Roulette Live at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Speed Roulette Live and many other great titles at Gala Bingo.

Who makes Speed Roulette Live?

Speed Roulette Live is made by Evolution Gaming, one of the leading casino game providers online.

How do I get into the bonus round?

Speed Roulette Live does not have a bonus feature.