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Boom City Live Game

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  • Software: Pragmatic Play
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: NA
  • Reels: NA

Boom City is an innovative live casino game that revolves around the rolling of two different dice, which is kept consistent even through the added features and bonus modes. The game is presented in a visually appealing studio that contains an illuminated city in the background. 

Of course, players can also benefit from the high levels of interactivity offered by the live host. Regardless of whether punters prefer to sit and listen to the discussion or join in with other players, the choice is totally theirs!  

The company that produced Boom City is Pragmatic Play, which some punters may know for its extensive range of online slots. With titles such as Black Bull and Greedy Wolf in their portfolio, Pragmatic Play has a wealth of experience when it comes to producing popular casino games.  

This live casino game show is played on a 6x6 grid, meaning that there are 36 different possible outcomes. Boom City has a maximum potential win of 20,000x the stake size. Finally, the minimum bet size for this game sits at 0.10.

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Boom City Featured Symbols

There are no specific symbols to look out for in Boom City. However, there are a variety of different betting options. Players can bet on bronze, silver, or gold segments, which will award 1x, 2x, and 5x respectively. The option to bet on three different bonus modes is also available, all of which are covered in detail below!

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Boom City Bonuses And Jackpots

For players that enjoy interactive bonuses, Boom City has got them covered. In total, there are three different bonus modes that players can choose to bet on, the first of which is known as Dice Battle. Within this feature, players have to choose either the blue or gold dice.  

Each dice will then be rolled three times, with the numbers being added up and turned into multipliers. For players that selected the dice that rolls the highest total number, the winning and losing multipliers will be applied to their bet size. For those that picked the losing side, only the multiplier for their chosen dice will be awarded. 

Next, we have Boom or Bust, a minesweeper-style feature that takes place on a 6x6 board. There are three outcomes in this mode, which are multipliers, bust icons, or hyper squares. To start, a dice must be selected. The outcome of these dice will represent one of the squares on the main grid. 

If players land on a multiplier, this will become their safety net, before advancing to the next level. This round ends when the player lands on a bust symbol, which means that their safety net is awarded. Boom or Bust can also end if players clear all of the levels. Additionally, a 'Hyper Square' can randomly appear during any level, which will put the player directly on level 6 should the corresponding number be rolled. 

Lucky Drop is the last bonus that players can bet on. At the start, players will need to pick a number from 1-6, which will correspond with a column. Two dice are then rolled, a total of three times each. Every time the selected number is rolled, the multiplier will increase. In the end, the total multiplier for the chosen common is applied to the bet size and awarded. 

There is also one bonus feature that all players will receive should the dice point towards this selection. This is represented by the light green 'Power Up' symbol on the board, which enhances the potential winnings. Bust symbols will transform into 1x icons, while the values on other squares will also be multiplied.

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Play Boom City At Gala Bingo

Boom City is an exciting game that features a live dealer and a visually appealing user interface. Players can choose to place bets on three different bonus modes, all of which require manual interaction if awarded! Play this game at Gala Bingo.

Is Boom City available to play at Gala Bingo?

Yes, Boom City and a variety of other live casino game shows can be played at Gala Bingo.

Who produced the Boom City live game?

Boom City was released by Pragmatic Play.

How do players unlock the bonus mode within Boom City?

If a bonus square is selected during the base game, players with any bets on that specific segment will unlock that mode. Power Up symbols also apply to everyone that has an active bet.