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Deal or No Deal Live

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The world's first 24-hour online game show, Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution Gaming, is a live dealer title that's as exciting as it gets. It's 24 hours of fun and suspense-packed in a tight game that potentially delivers high rewards. Deal or No Deal Live is a live casino game based on the world-famous TV show that comes with a few welcome additions. We're mainly talking about the unique prize multipliers that have made other Evolution Gaming titles all the more exciting.

Played with professional hosts and streamed in crisp-clear video quality, Deal or No Deal Live is a genre-defining game. As the studio says, it’s a unique multi-layered game with a three-reel bank vault and an RNG-based qualifying round. Every spin of the wheel randomly determines the possible money value. The prizes hiding in the briefcases range between 75x and 500x, but the main surprises are the multipliers that can boost those values up to 50 times.

It’s a game that resembles the popular game show, but with a few great additions to make it even better. Your goal is simple – open up the briefcases and guess if their value is higher than what the Banker offers.

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Deal or No Deal Live Feature Symbols

Most of us know perfectly how the game show works. A host opens up dozens of briefcases with different money values (up to 500x) hiding inside. Your goal is to guess the value of each opened briefcase. More specifically, your goal is to guess if that value is higher than what the Banker offers.

The Banker himself gives you a deal on some money, and you can take it or leave it. If you predict a higher value hiding in a briefcase, you continue. If you don't, you lose, and you probably should have taken up on the Banker's offer.

Evolution Gaming's Deal or No Deal is streamed in HD video quality and has all the features and buttons neatly in place. To qualify for the main game show, you should start by placing a bet. You then spin the three reels to align the gold segments, determining the prizes ranging between 75x and 500x your bet.

With 16 sealed briefcases to be opened and the Banker pushing hard, you’ll immediately be transported to the game show whenever you hear the all-important question – Deal or no deal?

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Deal or No Deal Live Bonuses and Jackpots

There’s no special bonus round in Deal or No Deal Live if you don’t count the multipliers. Before you start playing, you’ll have to qualify for the main show. The three-reel segment determines the highest amount in one of the 16 briefcases. For transparency, you get to pick the highest-prized briefcase yourself.

Once you’re in the bank vault, your goal is to get to the Top Up wheel. This is where things get exciting. With a clock ticking down, you can choose to top up the amount in the briefcases with multipliers between 5x and 50x your bet. Just click on the case you want to top up, and for a price, you can get much higher amounts of money in return.

That's when the real game begins, with the Banker calling and offering deals non-stop. This will continue going on for the first 14 cases. When two briefcases remain, he makes his final offer. He will also offer a briefcase swap before you make your decision and open one. If you're lucky, it might be the highest-prized briefcase boosted by the biggest multiplier.

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Play Deal or No Deal Live at Gala Bingo

Deal or No Deal Live is a great game that will immerse you into the popular TV show on demand. You can take the Banker's deal or leave it on the table if you believe you have what it takes to win, and that's luck.

Of course, you need to be aware that this is a game of chance that can burn through your bankroll if you’re not careful. Play it responsibly at Gala Bingo, and who knows? You might get the best deal out of it.