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Deal Or No Deal The Big Draw

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Once again, Playtech takes a popular TV show and shakes it up a bit to turn it into an exciting online Live Dealer game!

Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw combines one of the most popular TV game shows in the world with one of the most popular gambling games there is; Bingo. The result is an action-packed live game show!

The game looks just like the TV show, complete with a presenter in the form of a live dealer who keeps the players entertained and the action moving.

The format is a bit different as the players don’t get to choose which cases to eliminate. Instead, the dealer draws twenty bingo balls and any cases with matching numbers are removed. Any qualifying players remaining at the end of the round will get made an offer by the Banker.

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How To Play Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw

The first step is to buy a ticket, which corresponds to one of the suitcases. What you pay for this will affect how much you can win as the game proceeds. Once you've bought your ticket, you'll get 16 prize amounts and one minute to boost them. You can do this for between 0.01 and 100.00 per boost. Select the prize you want to boost, and five closed cases will pop up on your screen. Click on one, and it will open to reveal the prize boost. You can boost as many instances as you can manage in the one minute time limit.

The original prize values are:

0.1x    0. 2x  0. 3x  0. 4x

0. 5x  0. 6x  0. 7x  0. 8x

0. 9x  1x       1.5x    2x

2.5x    3x       5x       20x

And the boosts hidden away in the locked cases are as follows:

5x       10x     30x     50x     100x

Now the main game starts. The dealer will draw 20 bingo balls. The cases with your prizes in them are randomly numbered. If the number on the case matches that on a bingo ball, the case is eliminated. You need to get rid of at least seven cases to get to the next round. If you don't manage to remove seven with the first twenty balls, you can buy six more from the dealer.

If you manage to remove eight or more cases, you'll be awarded a multiplier from 2 x to 25 x on the prizes remaining.

Once you've eliminated at least seven of the cases, the Banker moves in to make you an offer on the ones you have left. You can either accept this, refuse and try to remove more cases which will increase your multiplier or exchange a case. To do this, just choose one of the cases on the board and pop it open to see if you made the right decision and got a good deal.

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What to Look Out For

If you're offered more than your original bet by the Banker, it's not a bad idea to take it. You might be tempted to continue playing as the Banker will show you the maximum possible win available. This is based on the highest prize left on the board with the 25 x multiplier applied. But remember, landing it is a very long shot indeed, so you might just want to take the sure money.

If the Banker's offer is more than you've bet on the game, the smart move is to take the win. The Banker will always show you the maximum possible win, based on the top prize remaining on the board and applying the 25x multiplier. The odds of winning that prize are pretty low, so the smart move is to take the sure win.

The Mini-Draw Side Game

Once the players have bought their tickets and boosted their prizes, you get a chance to play the Mini-Draw Side Game. This is basically a game of Bingo that's played as the dealer is drawing the first twenty bingo balls to eliminate cases. You can buy up to twenty mini bingo cards, and you'll receive cash prizes for the lines you manage to complete.

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Play Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw at Gala Bingo

Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw brings you all the excitement of the original TV series along with the thrill of Bingo. And you can play it and many other great games here at Gala Bingo.

Can I Play Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw right here at Gala Bingo!

What is Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw?

Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw is a Live Dealer game by Playtech.

How many Bonus Rounds are there?

There are no bonus rounds in Deal Or No Deal: The Big Draw.

What is the maximum win?

The maximum possible win at any given time in the game depends on the prizes remaining on the board, and the boosts and multipliers applied to them. This will be displayed during the Banker's round.