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Immersive Roulette

Most online casino gamers will have played Roulette, whether down at their local brick and mortar casino or at any of the online casinos hosting digital variants. Meaning little wheel in French, this is one of the oldest casino games in existence, but luckily for us, there's a casino games developer that managed to give us an entirely new way of experiencing it. Immersive Roulette is a live dealer version of the age-old wheel, allowing you to feel like you're playing from a land-based venue, all the while sitting in the comfort of your preferred surroundings.

How do live casino games work? This is a common question that gets asked by iGamers visiting our bingo site, and it's a very legitimate question. These online casino games are played digitally, just like online slots. However, instead of playing the digital version, you actually live stream into an actual casino floor where a real dealer is spinning the wheel and taking bets. Evolution Gaming is the studio that not only developed Immersive Roulette but also holds the mantle as the leader in live dealer games such as live Roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat etc.

Immersive Roulette Live Game - galabingo

How To Play Immersive Roulette

Different versions of Roulette have emerged over the years, although the most common are French, European and American Roulette. The layout that Evolution Gaming has gone with for Immersive Roulette is mostly French Roulette. The wheel consists of 37 pockets, numbered 1 – 36, with the 37th pocket being green and numbered 0. 

You'll see on the table that a bunch of bet options are available, such as placing a bet on an exact number, or splitting bets with the possibility of various numbers. There are even 50/50 bets such as even or odd numbers, or black or red pockets. Basically, the better the chance of a win, the lower the odds. 

Playing is very easy in that the croupier will spin the wheel, ask everyone to place their bets, drop a little ball into the wheel, and whichever pocket the ball comes to rest in, will determine the outcome of your wager.

What To Look Out For in Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette is a straight up roulette game, with no little hidden bonus features. The key attraction here is the live dealer element that brings far more interactivity, or immersion, to your online roulette experience.

Play Immersive Roulette at Gala Bingo

Traditional casino players that like to mix up their gaming sessions between table games, slots and more will likely find Immersive Roulette their new go-to for the roulette side of things. While not a fresh take on the game itself, the way you can play with the feeling of sitting in an actual casino from anywhere you are; and actually talking to a real dealer, presents much better entertainment than the basic online Roulette you'll have now likely become bored of. Play this roulette game at Gala Bingo.

Can I play Immersive Roulette at Gala Bingo?

Yes, you can play Immersive Roulette and many other great titles at Gala Bingo.

Who makes Immersive Roulette?

Immersive Roulette is made by Evolution Gaming, one of the leading casino game providers online.

How do I get into the bonus round?

There is no bonus round in Immersive Roulette, as the game results depend entirely on the decisions of the player.