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Mega Ball

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If you play at online casinos and gaming sites regularly, you will be well aware that a lot of the content, primarily the online slots, is very similar. As players, you’re always striving to find unique games that are fresh and new, and if you have ever come across Mega Ball, you could have found what you’re looking for.

Unlike any other casino game out there at present, Mega Ball sees lottery and bingo combine to produce a unique, fast-paced experience like no other. The aim of the game is to attempt to match up the cards you have purchased with the balls that drop.

Mega Ball - galabingo

Of course, Mega Ball is a game brought to the casino scene by none other than Evolution Gaming. They once again show their prowess by delivering a totally unique concept for punters to enjoy. The innovation and outside of the box thinking set them apart from the rest.

And as well as creating the game, Evolution also hosts it, which is integral to a title like this. The Mega Ball game is streamed directly from one of Evolution gaming’s state-of-the-art studios so that players can enjoy It in all its glory. There is no expense spared in providing the ultimate gaming experience.

What Evolution Gaming are also experts at, which comes across in Mega Ball, is making everything straightforward. Players not going to be tasked with side bets and the like. Instead, it’s just them, their cards and the numbers. Of course, potential multipliers are thrown in for good measure.

And they won’t be complaining about the betting range either, as it makes Mega Ball a title that is accessible to everyone. Players can start playing from just 0.10, with a maximum stake per round of $100. In addition, punters can choose to buy as few cards as they like, which means bankrolls, and enjoyment can last a long time.

How To Play

Players are not going to be playing Mega Ball until they’ve bought their tickets, which will happen in a set betting window before the game begins. Each ticket comes loaded with twenty-four numbers, and players can purchase up to two hundred of them before the action gets underway.

When the betting period comes to an end, the game will begin. Immediately, players will see the machine firing balls in an upward motion at random. The balls will then make their way down a tunnel to reveal the result. If the number is on their ticket, it will automatically be ticked off. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines result in a potential win.

Bonus Game

The game is going to get through balls quickly, and when it hits the magic twenty, it means the bonus mode will begin. A potential multiplier worth between 5x and 100x will be generated at random and applied to the twenty-first ball to be drawn during the bonus game. If this ball, known as the Mega Ball, is involved in a winning line on a player’s ticket, the potential payout will be multiplied by the multiplier value. If not, the multiplier will not affect the game, and it will end.


Where potential payouts are concerned, the thing that matters is how many lines you have ticked off on your card. One completed line is worth evens or 1:1. Of course, if punters are lucky enough to have the twenty-first ball’s number on their ticket, and the multiplier is a big one, they could potentially be in line for a big win.

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You’re not going to find any other casino content developers who consistently produce innovative games like Evolution Gaming. They have developed a magnificent habit of thinking outside the box, but it delivers quality every time. Mega Ball is another prime example of their work, combining bingo, lottery and casino gaming to produce a unique, fast-paced and exciting gaming experience.