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Monopoly Big Baller Live

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Monopoly Big Baller Live Game Show Review

Mr Monopoly is back to make another appearance in a live game. Monopoly Big Baller contains a variety of betting options, an interactive host, and of course, the board-based bonus that many punters simply love! This game is perhaps a sequel to Monopoly Live, which quickly became one of the most popular live casino game shows. 

Monopoly Big Baller Live game - galabingo

Big Baller was created by Evolution Gaming, a provider that is well-known for its extensive range of interactive, online casino games. Their live game shows are particularly popular, with the likes of Mega Ball, Dream Catcher, and Deal or No Deal Live all being successful releases in their own right.  

This game contains a variety of different camera angles, allowing players to track the action around the live gaming studio. Monopoly Big Baller comes with a minimum possible wager of 0.10 per round. 

Feature Symbols

As this game plays in a similar way to traditional Bingo, there are no specific symbols for players to look out for. However, in Monopoly Big Baller, there are two different types of Bingo cards that can be used.  

Card number one is a free space card, which means the central number will already be marked off. The second card is a chance card and will automatically have a multiplier on the middle square, with the option for free spaces to be added later.  

The player will receive a free choice as to which of these cards they would like to use, with their final decision being made before betting time completes. After the selection has been confirmed, the round will begin and players will receive their numbers. Random multipliers and free spaces can then randomly be marked on the card, courtesy of Mr Monopoly! 

Bonuses and Jackpots

For those that have played Monopoly Live in the past, the bonus mode for Monopoly Big Baller may seem familiar! Even for those that haven’t, this mode is based on perhaps the most popular and most recognisable board in the world.  

To unlock the bonus mode within Monopoly Big Baller, players need to play a bet on the ‘3 Rolls’ or ‘5 Rolls’ cards. If this is done, then 3 and 4 numbers respectively will appear on each card. Should all of these numbers match, players will enter the bonus mode, which is performed at the end of every round.   

During this mode, two dice will be rolled, and the result will be added together. Mr Monopoly will then travel that many spaces around the main board, before landing on a specific square. On this square will either be a multiplier, which is the most common outcome, a community chest card, a chance card, or the prompt to head to jail.   

For multipliers, these will be applied to the stake size and awarded to the player. Community chest and chance cards can offer a random value or a fee. Being in jail operates in a similar way to the board game itself, with players being unable to complete actions until a double is rolled. If doubles are rolled when the player is not in jail, they will receive an additional turn. 

Play Monopoly Big Baller at Gala Bingo

Many punters around the world are confident that Big Baller stands up to the expectations that any Monopoly-based live game show would have. New features meet popular mechanics within this game, giving players a fresh take on a live classic! 

Is Monopoly Big Baller available to play at Gala Bingo?

Yes, Monopoly Big Baller and many other live game shows can be played at Gala Bingo.

Who made the Monopoly Big Baller game?

Monopoly Big Baller was produced by Evolution Gaming.

How do players unlock the bonus mode within Monopoly Big Baller?

In Monopoly Big Baller, players can choose to bet on two bonus cards. Numbers will then appear on these cards, and if they all match, the bonus mode is unlocked!